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EncounteringSexualHarassment& ExploringWomen*s Rights , The work is too hard; it's too dirty; it's too noisy" (Bingham) YetJenson and the three other women who applied accepted the job One month after she applied, March 25,1975, was Jenson's first day working at Eveleth Min Herjobwas working in the fine ore surge building, where she cleaned up thick sludge
An obituary reminds of the power of Jensen v Eveleth Mines Jan 02, 2015· An obituary reminds of the power of Jensen v Eveleth Min , know if men understand the culture of fear that can be created by such behavior but the stories that I have heard from women working in nontraditional fields are very similar even today and it is beyond time for good men like you, , to take the not so good ones to task .
Taconite Miners at Higher Risk of Developing Mesothelioma Dec 05, 2014· A study of taconite workers in Minnesota s Iron Range showed they were at higher risk of developing mesothelioma and heart disease A study of taconite workers in Minnesota s Iron Range showed they were at higher risk of developing mesothelioma and heart disease Toll Free , 3 percent every year that miner spent working in an iron ore mine
Commercialization of Taconite | MNopedia Though taconite was identified as an iron-bearing rock on the Iron Ranges of northern Minnesota long before the 1950s, it wasn’t until then that it was profitably extracted, processed, and shipped to steel mills on the Great Lak As natural ore reserves were diminished, taconite became an alternative source of iron that allowed the Iron Range to continue mining operations in a changing .
Miners look for answers on taconite exposure | MPR News Apr 05, 2007· A truck carries taconite rock to the crusher building at Hibbing Taconite Taconite dust is being studied as a possible cause of a rare form of lung cancer, mesothelioma, which has stricken miners .
A list of the top movies about mining - MININGCOM Mar 25, 2012· Mining has all the elements that make for a good movie: long odds, adventure, conflict, danger, amazing natural scenery, and heroes and villains Here’s our list of top movies about mining,
Minnesota Taconite Workers Health Study : School of Public , But debate has raged that taconite dust and other possible sources have never seriously been considered Finally finding answers won’t help anyone already afflicted But the 5,000 to 6,000 men and women still working in the mines stand to benefit from protections that almost certainly would follow definitive research
Oliver Iron Mining Company | MNopedia The Oliver Iron Mining Company was one of the most prominent mining companies in the early decades of the Mesabi Iron Range As a division of United States Steel, Oliver dwarfed its competitors—in 1920, it operated 128 mines across the region, while its largest competitor operated only sixty-five
'It was like they'd never seen a woman before' - the Guardian Feb 02, 2006· Working conditions did not improve when the mine began hiring more women "Every time a woman came in she would be tested in the same way, and then if ,
Mortality experience among Minnesota taconite mining , Objective To evaluate the mortality experience of Minnesota taconite mining industry workers Methods Mortality was evaluated between 1960 and 2010 in a cohort of Minnesota taconite mining workers employed by any of the seven companies in operation in 1983 Standardised mortality ratios (SMR) were estimated by comparing observed deaths in the cohort with expected frequencies in the Minnesota .
Litigation Narratives: Why Jensen v Ellerth Didn't Change , the mines be set aside for women and racial minorities (p 8) In 1975, the first women arrived to work as miners at Eveleth Mines (p 12) From their earliest days on the job, the women met intense resistance from the formerly all-male work force Their presence was a challenge to the culture
Let's talk about: Women in the Mining Industry | Worldwide , Mines were not designed with women in mind, “Most women do not feel encouraged to work in mining because of the conditions that we work in Most mines, even now, still don’t have toilets Imagine going to work all day with no facilities, I don’t think the Mining industry is really ready to help women work ,
B Reader Variability in Taconite Miners variability is influenced by degree of morbidity in this work group Taconite Workers Health Study •Taconite is a lean iron ore mined in northeast Minnesota along the Mesabi Iron Range •The Taconite Workers Health Study is a multi-part study with the goal of determining whether there are health risks associated with taconite dust exposure
Mesabi Range Mines, Minnesota 1939-1945 – Military History , Oct 11, 2015· The ia Open Pit Mine: 1939-1945 (from miningartifactsorg) The Mesabi Range, also known simply as the Iron Range to those who live there, is a collection of iron mines and mining towns in Northeastern Minnesota which made its name by becoming the single largest supplier of raw material to the World War II war effort
Iron Mining Association - Minnesota iron mining - our , The membership is made up of the six producing iron ore mines in Northeast Minnesota that are capable of producing more than 40 million tons of taconite annually from Minnesota's iron ore deposits The trade association is also made up of 200 vendors that supply products and services to the mining industry
Real Women of May 06, 2006· American Association of University Women Chapter and National Women's History Museum Honor the Real Women of “North Country” In April 2006, the Hibbing, Minnesota, chapter of the American Association of University Women held a ceremony honoring the women workers at Eveleth Mines who filed the first class-action sexual harassment lawsuit
North Country and workplace harassment v3 North Country and workplace harassment Workplace harassment, particularly sexual harassment, is the focus of this activity Developed by David Connoley, a VCAL teacher at North Geelong Secondary College, the activity uses movies, particularly North Country, as a tool for student consideration and
Jenson v Eveleth Taconite Co, 824 F Supp 847 (D Minn , The SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975, was carrying about 26,116 long tons of taconite pellets Taconite and human health Beginning in 1955, the crushed waste rock (tailings) from processing taconite of the Reserve Mining Company in Minnesota were discharged in a slurry into Lake Superior
Women and mining—an analysis on women in subordinate , Attitudes towards women and mining were unfair in the industrial societies as well For example, the parliament of United Kingdom passed an act famously known as the Mine Act of 1842 which prohibited women and the boys under age of ten to work from underground mining, and yet, some women
Viewing North Country: Sexual Harassment Goes to the , Viewing North Country: Sexual Harassment Goes to the Movies Rebecca Korzec University of Baltimore School of Law, , enters the mines to earn a decent living for herself and her , today most women work because they must work to support
Jenson v Eveleth Taconite Co | Legal Momentum The Working Woman's Bill of Rights , The Women's Legal Defense and Education Fund Jenson v Eveleth Taconite Co This case, the first sexual harassment class action to reach federal court, determined whether the person appointed to determine the damages owed to victims of workplace sexual harassment committed legal errors in his discovery .
MPR: Working in the mines today - American Public Media Women working the Minnesota iron mines today say they don't face the same resentment and difficulties that their predecessors did years ago Hibbing, Minn — It's Wednesday, and a small plane is circling over the Hibbing Taconite mine The pilot makes several passes, talking by radio to a crew on the ground He tells them it's all clear
No Place for a Woman: The story of women working in Iron , Aug 31, 2012· On Labor Day, an American RadioWorks documentary about women working in the northern Minnesota iron mines, titled "No Place for a Woman"
The Militant - November 28, 2005 -- ‘North Country , Mihalek said “the great majority” of the women involved in the lawsuit still work at Northshore Mining David Salner worked at Eveleth Taconite from 1980 to 1982 and was a member of USWA Local 6860 Ilona Gersh worked at the Minntac mine from 1978 to 1981 and was a founding member of the USWA Local 1938 Women’s Committee
‘The lifeblood’: On the Iron Range, small businesses build , Art Lind has been involved in the mining industry in various capacities since the early 1960s, when he went to work for a company that repaired conveyor belts used by the mines on the Iron Range
$100M upgrade completed ahead of schedule at Iron Range , Jul 22, 2019· Upgrades at Northshore Mining in Silver Bay were finished ahead of schedule, and the Iron Range plant has begun producing a higher grade of iron-ore pellet Originally, the $100 million in .
1940s Taconite Ore Rock Mining Process - YouTube Oct 12, 2017· Reel #: 1316 TC In: 014415 TC Out: 014530 This clip is available for licensing without time code and logo - To inquire about licensing email us at [email protected] or call us ,
jenson vs eveleth mine - Liberoit Ms Jenson had worked at Eveleth Mines for nine years before finally filing her complaint Her family and friends grew up in the Eveleth tradition which Sexual Harassment Support Forum Jenson vs Eveleth Mines, radio shows Options V "A petite single mother, Lois Jenson was among the first women hired by a northern Minnesota iron mine .
A taconite mine - YouTube Sep 06, 2010· SaM visits taconite mine Gems of Itasca Series - The Bovey Edition (2017 Regional EMMY® nominated) - Duration: 8:20 Gems of Itasca: The Series 8,618 views
Employing Minnesota - Iron Mining Association of Minnesota Minnesota's eight iron mining and processing operations produce 85% of the iron ore used to make steel in the United Stat Combined, they historically represent a $4 billion capital investment They employ nearly 4,200 men and women directly in the mines who earn an average wage and benefit package worth approximately $100,000 a year